For hd families... viagra for sale By hd families. Updates community about hd basic research being proactive drugs in the pipeline clinical trials juvenile hd testing for hd online support living positive caregiving living at risk home » huntington's disease support center » topic welcome! cheap viagra online Log in create a new profile advanced swallowing problems posted by hoofman  forums messages new hoofman swallowing problems september 15, 2010 07:54am registered: 2 years ago posts: 5 hi my parter has had h. D. For 6 years and her swallowing is really bad now, she,s had several major choking incidents recently , we are looking at a gastric tube being fitted but dont want to do this till the last resort, she can still swallow soups and shes using complan at the moment, but does anyone have any, advice or recipe ideas, they could share reply quote eric re: swallowing problems september 15, 2010 08:54am registered: 6 years ago posts: 3,421 there is a point where swallowing is difficult. My wife is very late stage now and actually this week her swallowing was assessed, as it has been regularly. viagra pills It is becoming close to a non-existent action that she can voluntarily do. viagra no prescription This places her directly in end stage of hd, coupled with other advanced progressions of hd. For a couple of years, to avoid the g-tube, all food is puree now to the consistency of being completely smooth. All liquids are thickened including water. G-tubes have some inherit risk as well, so make sure it is a last resort. viagra canada online A speech therapist can assess swallowing and make good recommendations to help keep intake high, and put off the decision for g-tube feeding. My wife is not receiving a g-tube by her request. viagra generic online no prescription I just signed a waiver yesterday declining that procedure. viagra canada That is not a recommendation of what to do, just pointing out it is a choice. Make sure along with the benefits of the g-tube they very thoroughly explain the risks. viagra 50 mg anwendung That part tends to be glossed over but there are serious side effects possible which can make the tube as much of a problem as swallowing and aspirating food can be. Swallowing can be managed a pretty long time regardless, and no one wants a g-tube sooner than it has to be. My wife never lost weight.. And ate all the same stuff everyone else did.. secure tabs viagra reviews Even if it is smooth. It still tastes good. I know.. I tried most everything. Reply quote hoofman re: swallowing problems september 15, 2010 04:00pm registered: 2 years ago posts: 5 thank.

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